Garden Book, page 8
by Thomas Jefferson

the deepest snow we have ever seen. in Albemarle it was about 3. f. deep.

sowed a patch of latter peas.
other patches were sowed afterwards.

Cucumbers came to table.
planted out Celery.
sowed patch of peas for the Fall.
planted snap-beans.

had the last dish of our spring peas.

had Irish potatoes from the garden.
*Julius Shard fills the two-wheeled barrow in 3. minutes and carries it 30. yds. in 1 1/2 minutes more. now this is four loads of the common barrow with one wheel. so that suppose the 4. loads put in in the same time viz. 3. minutes, 4. trips will take 4 x 1 1/2 minutes = 6' which added to 3' filling is = 9' to fill and carry the same earth which was filled & carried in the two-wheeled barrow in 4 1/2'. from a trial I made with the same two-wheeled barrow I found that a man would dig & carry to the distance of 50. yds 5. cubical yds of earth in a day of 12. hours length.Ford's Phill did it; not overlooked, and having to mount his loaded barrow up a bank 2. f. high & tolerably steep.

*the waggon with 4. horses & the driver without any assistant brought about 300 yds wood which measured 4, 8, & 19 1/2 f.i.e., nearly 5. cord. calling a cord 4,4, & 8. in one day. it took 10. loads.
*the waggon brings 28. rails at a load up a steep part of the mountain.
*Ry. Randolph's mason cuts stone @ 8 d. the superficial foot, the blocks being furnished to his hand. provision found, but no attendance.