Staff Directory

Office of the President

Dennis A. Fiori, President
617-646-0520 /

Peter Drummey, Stephen T. Riley Librarian
617-646-0501 /

Patricia A. Puliafico, Executive Assistant to President
617-646-0572 /

Adams Papers

Sara Martin, Editor in Chief
617-646-0525 /

Rhonda Barlow, Assistant Editor
617-646-0516 /

Karen Barzilay, John Quincy Adams Diary Digital Project
617-646-0553 /

Gwen Fries,  Editorial Assistant
617-646-0556 /

Sara Georgini, Series Editor, Papers of John Adams
617-646-0569 /

Christopher Minty, Assistant Editor
617-646-0589 /

Neal Millikan, Digital Projects Editor
617-646-0553 /

Amanda Norton, Digital Production Editor
617-646-0514 /

Emily Ross, John Quincy Adams Diary Digital Project
617-646-0553 /

Hobson Woodward, Associate Editor
617-646-0521 /


Collections Services

Brenda M. Lawson, Vice President for Collections
617-646-0502 /

Oona E. Beauchard, Paper Conservator and Registrar
617-646-0506 /

William Beck, Web Developer
617-646-0505 /

Anne E. Bentley, Curator of Art & Artifacts
617-646-0508 /

Katherine H. Griffin, Nora Saltonstall Preservation Librarian
617-646-0527 /

Nancy Heywood, Digital Projects Coordinator
617-646-0503 /

Laura Lowell, Manuscript Processor and Internship Coordinator
617-646-0559 /

Susan Martin, Manuscript Processor and EAD Coordinator
617-646-0526 /

Peter Steinberg, Digital Projects Production Specialist
617-646-0529 /

Laura Wulf, Digital Projects Production Specialist
617-646-0567 /

Mary E. Yacovone, Senior Cataloger
617-646-0504 /

Library—Reader Services

Elaine Heavey, Librarian
617-646-0509 /

Sabina Beauchard, Reproductions Coordinator
617-646-0542 /

Rakashi Chand, Senior Library Assistant
617-646-0545 /

Anna Clutterbuck-Cook, Reference Librarian
617-646-0561 /

Daniel Hinchen, Assistant Reference Librarian
617-646-0571 /

Alex Bush, Library Assistant
617-646-0500 /

Katherine Green, Library Assistant
617-646-0500 /

Brendan Kieran, Library Assistant
617-646-0500 /

Grace Wagner, Library Assistant
617-646-0500 /

Shelby Wolfe, Library Assistant
617-646-0500 /

Development and Membership

Carol Knauff, Director of Communications
617-646-0554 /

Lauren Carey, Development Associate
617-646-0518 /

Audrey Wolfe, Assistant Director of Development
617-646-0543 /

Center for the Teaching of History

Kathleen Barker, Director, Center for the Teaching of HIstory
617-646-0557 /

Deborah Beardsley, Assistant to Public Programs & CTH
617-646-0570 / 

Public Programs

Gavin W. Kleespies, Director of Programs
617-646-0515 / 

Deborah Beardsley, Assistant to Public Programs & CTH
617-646-0570 / 

Finance and Administration

Will Tsoules, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
617-646-0511 /

Peter Hood, Director of Finance & Administration
617-646-0573 /

Deborah Beardsley, Assistant to Finance
617-646-0570 / 

Christopher C. Coveney, Chief Technology Officer
617-646-0539 /

Tammy Hamond, Accounting Manager
617-646-0510 /


Dan Sweeney, Operations Manager
617-646-0523 /

Albert Caldwell, Facilities Maintenance & Custodian
617-646-0528 /

James P. Harrison III, Custodian

Jennifer Smith, Operations Assistant
617-646-0563 /


Ondine E. Le Blanc, Director of Publications
617-646-0524 /

Christina Carrick, Robert Treat Paine Papers Assistant Editor
617-646-0576 /

Jim Connolly, Associate Editor
617-646-0513 /


Conrad E. Wright, Worthington C. Ford Editor
and Director of Research
617-646-0512 /

Christine Desan, NEH Long-Term Fellow

617-646-0533 /

Dean Grodzins, Visiting Scholar

Manisha Sinha, NEH Long-Term Fellow
617-646-0531 /

Kara Swanson, NEH Long-Term Fellow
617-646-0532 /

Katheryn P. Viens, Research Coordinator and Book Review Editor
617-646-0568 /

Upcoming Events

Brown Bag

Constructing American Belatedness: The Archives of American Artists in Late Nineteenth-Century Paris

22Feb 12:00PM 2017

Thousands of US artists traveled to Paris between 1865 and 1914, at various stages of their careers and for various lengths of time. This project culls archival materials ...

MIT: History and Architecture

22Feb 6:00PM 2017
There will be a pre-talk reception at 5:30pm.

      This talk arises out of a two part guide -- a history of MIT and a series of walking tours of its present campus on the Charles River Basin -- ...

History of Women and Gender Seminar

Conversation: Sexuality of History, History of Sexuality

23Feb 5:30PM 2017
Location: Radcliffe, Fay House, Sheerr Room, ...

Please join us for a conversation with the authors of two important new books in the history of sexuality.  This wide-ranging discussion will explore the ...

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