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Reviews of "The War Lovers" Roll In

Newsweek editor Evan Thomas' new book The War Lovers: Roosevelt, Lodge, Heart, and the Rush to Empire, 1898 (Little, Brown & Co., 2010) has received rave reviews by Ronald Steel in the New York Times and James McGrath Morris in the Washington Post.

Steel writes: "Thomas has illuminated, in a compulsively readable style, a critical moment in American history. This is a book that, with its style and panache, is hard to forget and hard to put down." Morris adds that Thomas has "delivered an innovative, frequently entertaining and valuable retelling of an episode that set the pattern for more than a century of foreign military adventurism. This timely book is a cautionary tale about how the psyche of powerful and ambitious leaders may matter more than fact -- or even truth -- when the question of war arises."

Evan Thomas will be at MHS today, Monday 3 May, at 12 noon, for a discussion of The War Lovers.

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