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National History Day in Massachusetts


Two students standing with two judges, looking off to the right. One student points to something off camera while the judges take notes. In the background are a number of exhibit boards on display.

Thank you to our incredible judges for supporting our 2022 NHD students this season! If you're interested in judging in 2023, please email us at to be added to our mailing list.

Judging is key to the success of National History Day in Massachusetts! Hundreds of volunteer judges are needed to meet with students at regional and state-wide contests.  By volunteering your time, you are creating an opportunity for thousands of students to showcase their efforts.


Register to Judge our 2022 Regional Competitions!

Register for the South Shore Regional Competition here

The Virtual South Shore Regional Contest will take place on Saturday, March 5.  Regional Coordinator Leah Cardullo can be reached at

Register for the Greater Boston Competition here!

The Virtual Greater Boston Regional Competition will take place on Sunday, March 6.  Regional Coordinator Paula Sampson can be reached at

2022 Regional Competitions

After careful consideration and discussion with our regional coordinators, we have made the decision to hold our 2022 NHD Regional Competitions virtually. We hope to still hold our State Competition in-person. You can learn more about our Massachusetts competitions by visiting our Contest Info page.  

Virtual Judging

  • Register to judge for our South Shore Regional on March 5, our Greater Boston Regional on March 6, or both!
  • We will send out a judge orientation video and packet prior to February 25th for you to review on your own time.
  • You will receive your project materials and your judging assignment by February 25th. Review the project materials and be prepared to discuss and give feedback on Contest Day.
  • On the day of the contest:
    • 8:30 AM: You will join our Zoom Contest Link in the morning for a short judge orientation review and Q&A
    • 9:00 AM-12:00 PM: You will then join your judging team in a breakout room to discuss the projects. You will select the strongest projects to advance to the next round of the competition and decide on any award nominations. Together with your team, you will give feedback for each project using our digital rubrics. Your Team Captain will act as scribe. Most teams will not use the entire three hours!
    • 1:00 PM: Judges will reconvene and return to their breakout rooms, where students and parents will join for a virtual reflection roundtable. We will brief you on these closer to contest date, but this is essentially a chance for students to gather and talk about their research process. Note: this is not a virtual interview and will NOT affect judging.

2022 State Competition

Our current plan is for our State competition to take place in person on Saturday, April 9 at Winchester High School. Winners will advance to the National contest.  We will announce details in March when judge registration opens.

Assuming an in-person contest, most of our student interviews will take place in person. However, we will be accommodating any students who cannot attend in person due to the pandemic with virtual interviews on the day of the contest. 

Judges and adult volunteers at an in-person competition will be required to provide proof of vaccination (physical card or digital image), and must be fully vaccinated and up-to-date according to CDC guidelines.

How Does It Work?

NHD relies on consensus judging. Judges will be assigned to work in teams of three to review projects in their category (papers, websites, exhibits, performances, or documentaries) over a several day period. For more information, please check out the Quick Judging Links on this page. 

As a judge, you are responsible for the following:

  • Contact us as soon as possible if you cannot fulfill your commitment to judge. We may ask that you help us to find someone to fill your time slot.
  • Pay careful attention as you review the  projects so that you can evaluate them well. Students have worked for months on their projects and are looking forward to this opportunity to share their work.
  • Alert History Day staff to any conflicts of interest, including students you know personally or schools with which you have a close relationship.
  • Set aside personal bias for or against topics. Judge each project based on the merits of the evidence and historical claim that the student presents.
  • Contact History Day staff immediately if there are problems. We are here to help! 

Judging during Covid-19

Please review our NHD MA Covid Safety Protocols. All judges at an in-person competition are required to be fully vaccinated and up-to-date (boosted if due) and to show proof of vaccination, either by uploading a photograph of their vaccination card during registration or by showing a vaccination card or photos upon arrival to the contest. Everyone will be required to wear masks during the competition. We will update this information as the contest approaches, based on recommendations from schools, cities, and the state.

If we are required to transition to a virtual contest all judging will still take place on your scheduled contest day. In this case, you will still meet with your judging team remotely to review and rank your projects.

Judge Training

All judges will be asked to view a prerecorded Judges Orientation prior to our competition and to review judging orientation materials in advance. We will also hold a brief orientation and have time for questions on the day of the competition. We appreciate your time and will do our best to make this experience rewarding for everyone involved!  If you have any questions, please contact us at