Garden Book, page 2
by Thomas Jefferson

sowed a bed of forwardest and a bed of midling peas.
*500. of these peas weighed 30z. -- 18. dwt. about 2,500. fill a pint.

both beds of peas up.

planted asparagus seed in 5. beds of 4. f. width. 4. rows in each.

sowed a bed of forwardest peas, and a bed of the latest of all.

Purple Hyacinth & Narcissus bloom. sowed 2. rows of Celery 9. 1. apart. sowed 2 rows of Spanish onions & 2. do. of Lettuce.

peas of Mar. 17. just appearing.

sowed Carnations, Indian pink, Marygold, Globe amaranth, Auricula, Double balsam, Tricolor, Dutch violet, Sensitive plant, Cockscomb, a flower like the Prince's feather, Lathyrus.
planted Lilac, Spanish broom, Umbrella, Laurel. Almonds, Muscle plumbs, Cayenne pepper. 12. cuttings of Goosberries.

planted suckers of Roses, seeds of Althaea & Prince's feather.

planted lillies & wild honeysuckles.

planted strawberry roots.

sowed 3. rows of Celery, 2 do. of Lettuce -- 2 do. of Radish. Lunaria in full bloom.

Sweet Williams begin to open.
24. forwardest peas of Feb. 20. come to table

Asparagus 3. inches high, and branched. Feathered hyacinth in bloom. also Sweet Williams. a pink in bed VI. c. blooming. Lunaria still in bloom. an indifferent flower.