Garden Book, page 32
by Thomas Jefferson

Squash from Maine.
soft cymlin
solid pumpkin from S. America.
long pumpkin from Malta.
3. to 4. f. long. 2.f.
circumference. 127. lb weight.
the seed look like gourd. qu?
in the terras next below the garden wall & in the order here named from S.W. to N.E. considerably distant from each other.
Benni. from Bailey's walk to Stable yard.

Orange gourd in upper terras of N.E. vineyard. long gourd. in  [illegible 15th do. of do.

planted 8. figs from Dr. Thornton under S.W. end of wall, about 12. f. apart
mr Randolph's onions have yielded at the rate of 240. bushels per acre. the largest squares of my garden 1/27 of an acre would yield 9. bush.

planted 14. Paulina Aurea, or Koelreuteria paniculata aurea in 2 boxes & a pot, to wit, 4. in the pot,
II. III. 4. in the large box, No 3. 2 in the small one, No. 2. received the seeds from Made. de Tess.

planted from mr Lomax's
3. Modesty shrubs, viz, 1. in N.E. circular bed, 1. in N.W. & 1. in
5. Jujubes, viz. 1. in S.E. clump, 2. in S.W. do.2. in
21.Star jasmines. 2 in each of the oval beds
24 Filberts in the lowest terras below the old filbert bush. & every other one above includg. 7. terrasses.
VII. VIII. IX. 2. Acacia Niloticas box 7. 8. 1 orange, 1.lime in boxes in the Greenhouse. No. IX
No. I. a box. shell barks.
V. is a sour orange brot. from Washington.