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10 Contemporary Accounts of the Battle of Bunker Hill
Abigail Adams Letter Letter. Abigail Adams to John Adams, June 18, 1775
JQA Letter Letter. John Quincy Adams to Joseph Sturge, March 1846
Brown Letter Letter. Peter Brown to his Mother, June 25, 1775
Prescott Letter Letter. William Prescott to John Adams, August 25, 1775
Waller Letter Letter. J. Waller to [ ], June 21, 1775
Ober Diary Diary entry. Nathaniel Ober, June 17, 1775
Warren Letter Letter. James Warren to Mercy Otis Warren, June 18, 1775
Palmer Letter Letter. Joseph Palmer to John Adams, June 19, 1775
Burgoyne Letter Printed Letter. General John Burgoyne to his nephew Lord Stanley, June 25, 1775. At the bottom of: "A Plan of the Battle of Bunker Hill."
Broadside Account Broadside. By An Express Arrived at Philadelphia on Saturday Evening... Lancaster: Printed by Francis Bailey, June 26th, 1775.

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