The Decisive Day is ComeThe Battle of Bunker Hill


1770 March 5 Boston Massacre
1773 December 13      Boston Tea Party
1774 June 1 Boston Port Act goes into effect; British forces occupy town and closes port
1775      April      April 19 Battle of Lexington & Concord
April 20 Seige of Boston begins
May May 15 Nathaniel Ober begins his diary
May 25 British reinforcements arrive in Boston including General William Howe, General John Burgoyne and Lieutenant John Waller of the 1st Battalion of Marines
June June 9 Peter Brown enlists in Colonel William Prescott's regiment
June 14-17 Nathaniel Ober's diary account of the Siege of Boston
June 17 Battle of Bunker Hill
June 18-22 Letter from Abigail to her husband, John Adams
June 19

Letter from James Warren to his wife, Mercy Otis Warren

Letter from Joseph Palmer to John Adams

June 25

Letter from Peter Brown to his mother, Sarah Brown

Copy of a letter written by Lieutenant John Waller describing the Battle of Bunker Hill

Letter from Major General John Burgoyne to his nephew, Lord Stanley (published in London, November 27)

June 26 Broadside account of the Battle of Bunker Hill published in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

July 3 George Washington takes command of the army besieging Boston
August 25 Letter from Colonel William Prescott to John Adams
September 15 Nathaniel Ober's diary ends
November 27 June 25 letter from Major General John Burgoyne to his nephew, Lord Stanley published in London
1776 March 17 British evacuate Boston

July 4 American Independence declared in Philadelphia
1781 October 18 General Cornwallis surrenders at Yorktown
1783 September 13 Treaty of Paris ends the Revolutionary War
1818 October 28 Abigail Adams dies in Quincy
1825 June 17 Cornerstone laid for the Bunker Hill Monument
1826 July 4 John Adams dies in Quincy
1843 June 17 Ceremonies to mark the completion of the Bunker Hill Monument
1846 March Draft of letter from John Quincy Adams to Joseph Sturge
1848 February 23 John Quincy Adams dies in the United States Capitol while representing Massachusetts in Congress