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A View of the Year 1765

A View of the Year 1765 Line engraving
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Political cartoon depicting the American colonies' opposition to the Stamp Act of 1765. Engraved allegorical scene featuring a dragon backed upon a ledge while holding a rolled copy of the Magna Charta. The dragon is facing ten figures who are labeled with letters. First, closest to the dragon, is a man in colonial dress with a "B" [Boston] attempting to slay the beast with sword drawn over his head. Next to him is "R-I" [Rhode Island], "N-Y" [New York], and a man "H" [Hampden] with a large belly and holding his hand on his chest and sword at his side. To his left is an unnamed figure in clerical robes pointing a gun, a woman "V" [Virginia] with liberty pole and cap, and to the left, four figures labeled with "U" which Revere identifies as "United Provinces" all with drawn swords. The dragon is standing next to the prostrate bodies of two men, identified as Arthur Murphy and Tobias Smollett, one with a scroll labeled "Pym" and the other "Anti-Sejanus." To the far right on the cartoon is a tree labeled "Liberty Tree August 14, 1765" with an effigy of John Huske dangling from its branches. In front are two men conversing and pointing to the effigy. One states, "there’s that villain H-k" and the other "I see he’s got a high place." Flying above are three figures; to the left is Minerva with a spear, shield and helmet. She is flying towards two Harpies (devils/demons; identified as the Duke of Bedford and Lord Mansfield), one pointing towards the ten figures and the other spraying them with a syringe. One Harpy has a leg in a boot and the other is wood with a spike.