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Did you know...

    Dorr created 4,969 index terms written on 133 index pages

    Dorr's index entries are occasionally very long, as with the entry that begins "- - - Another Account in their Favour..." in volume 3, index page 28, which mentions such topics as oppression, battle, and destroyed farms.

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Limitations of search of descriptions of newspapers

This tool searches title information for all of the newspapers and pamphlets included in the collection, as well as additional explanatory notes about particularly complicated pages. Some descriptions of newspaper issues also include summaries of topics covered in the newspaper articles and/or specific subjects, names, and advertisements appearing on the page. This feature is currently available for 25 newspapers and will be expanded as time permits.

Search results will provide links to pages from the collection with descriptions containing the term/terms entered into the search box. The descriptions for specific pages and newspaper issues can be viewed by clicking on the "about this page" and/or the "about this item" links, which will be outlined in red. These links open boxes containing the associated metadata.

If you are interested in helping MHS create more descriptions of newspapers and pamphlets please contact us!