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Volume 2: Newspapers, 4 January 1768 to 25 December 1769: Page 651[about this page]

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The Boston-Gazette, and Country Journal, 4 September 1769

This newspaper includes a list of merchants continuing to import British goods; petition by House of Representatives for the removal of Gov. Bernard; Petition of the Livery of the City of London; Correspondence between Joseph Harrison, Port Collector, and James Otis, accused of "illicit trade"; Letter about Acts of Parliament regarding Duties on Paper, Glass and Painters Colors and Duties on Tea; Lieutenant Gov. charged with importing 3000 Packs of Playing Cards, which cannot be mistaken as a source of amusement but rather are "the surest Step to Slavery"; Reports of Small-pox and Distemper; Tickets for a lottery offered for sale by managers of Faneuil-Hall.

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  • Green, Francis

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