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Volume 2: Newspapers, 4 January 1768 to 25 December 1769: Page 653[about this page]

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The Boston Evening-Post, 4 September 1769

This newspaper includes a letter supporting the Duties on Paper and Painters Colors as incentive for local manufacture of such materials; letters from Benjamin Andrews, Jr., John Avery and John Avery Jr. declaring that they have not imported anything from London for more than 2 years; report of damaging hail storms in Pomfret, Ct and Annapolis, Md.; petition by the House of Representatives of Massachusetts Bay unanimously resolved for the removal of Sir francis Bernard from the government of the Province; letter from Boston arguing that the small amount of money received from Duties in the colonies is "too trifling to be worth the unhappy Contest now subsisiting these Colonies and their parent State" ; report about a comet almost in contact with Bellatrix in Orion, and Dorr's annotation that he "saw it [the comet] very Plain"; and reports of Small-pox and Distemper.

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  • Mein, John
  • Avery, John
  • Johonnot, Francis
  • Andrews, Benjamin

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