Adams Family Correspondence, volume 3

Abigail Adams to John Adams

John Eliot to Abigail Adams

Garcin to Abigail Adams, 29 October 1778 Garcin, M. de AA


Garcin to Abigail Adams, 29 October 1778 Garcin, M. de Adams, Abigail
Garcin to Abigail Adams
Madam Octr. 29th. 1778

Give me leave to present you my Most Sincear and respectful thanks of having been so kind as to Recommend me to Mr. Smith. As we expect of going off every Moment, it has not been in my power to go to town to wait upon him myself and give him the letters. But I have taken the liberty of writing to him joining your letter to mine, Desiring him to send to Portsmouth those I intend to send in France. I hope that 112acording your kind Recomendation he will be pleased to do it. This will be a great obligation Confered upon me and I should be very hapy if I Could find an oportunity of being any way of som use to you. This with gratitude and Respec shall be the Santiment of Madam Your Most obedient humble Sarvent,


RC (Adams Papers).


If the writer's name has been correctly read, he may be identified as M. de Garcin, ensign aboard the Fantasque in Estaing's fleet; see J. J. R. Calmon-Maison, L'amiral d'Estaing, 1729–1794, Paris, 1910, p. 460. He had evidently asked AA's advice about transmitting letters to France, and she had referred him to her uncle Isaac Smith or her cousin William Smith in Boston. The letters he mentions have not been found. The French fleet left Massachusetts waters for the West Indies on 4 Nov. (same, p. 225).