Adams Family Correspondence, volume 3

Garcin to Abigail Adams

Cotton Tufts to John Adams

John Eliot to Abigail Adams, October 1778 Eliot, John AA


John Eliot to Abigail Adams, October 1778 Eliot, John Adams, Abigail
John Eliot to Abigail Adams
Dear Madam Boston October 17781

You did not see fit to send the letter you proposed for the conveyance of Mr. Ingram. Perhaps it was owing to the supposition that it would arrive too late.—Lest that was the case, I would inform you that Mr. I. is still detained in expectation of his Vessell from the Eastward, and it is more than probable that he will tarry till the middle of next week.

I hope in mercy the British Cruiser have2 not met with it in the course from Kennebeck to Boston. You join in the same earnest desire.

My regards at home.

Your most obliged and obedient servant, John Eliot3

RC (Adams Papers).


So dated in MS. It is possible, and even likely, that the letter was actually written before 21 Oct., on which day AA wrote a letter to JA (q.v. above) to be conveyed to France by Duncan Ingraham.


Thus in MS.


John Eliot (1754–1813), son of Rev. Andrew Eliot of Boston; Harvard 1772; later the minister of the New North Church and a founding member of the Massachusetts Historical Society (MHS, Colls. , 2d ser., 1 [1838]:211–248).