Papers of John Adams, volume 16

To Fizeaux, Grand & Co.

From Thomas Barclay

John Adams to Baron von Thulemeier, 4 May 1784 Adams, John Thulemeier, Friedrich Wilhelm, Baron von
To the Baron von Thulemeier
May 4. 1784

Mr Adams presents his Compliments to the Baron De Thulemeier: He has received from Paris, the Project of a Treaty, returned with the Remarks of his Colleagues Messrs Franklin and Jay.1 He desires to know the Hour tomorrow, when it will be most agreable to the Baron, that he Should wait upon him, to make the Communication.2

LbC (Adams Papers); APM Reel 107.


From Benjamin Franklin and John Jay, 29 April, above, but see note 2.


Thulemeier replied in a note dated 5 May at 9 o’clock in the morning (Adams Papers). There he stated that he would be available to meet with JA after 8 o’clock that evening. JA replied later on the 5th, enclosing the draft returned to him by Franklin and Jay and indicating that “the Alterations are soon made, and are so inconsiderable that if you and I can arrange them, which may be done in half an Hour, I will transmit the whole to Congress, by the earliest Opportunity, as a Plan approved by the Ministers on both sides” (LbC, APM Reel 107). For the proposed changes and the outcome of the 5 May meeting, see Proposed Prussian-American Treaty of Amity and Commerce, [9 April – post 5 May], above, and JA’s 13 May and 7 June letters to the president of Congress, both below.