Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 1

Monday 5th.


33 Tuesday 6th. CFA


Tuesday 6th. CFA
Tuesday 6th.

The house all in disorder today and every body employed in fixing the lower rooms. Wreaths were making and hanging as fast as possible. We dined in Madame’s dressing Room. It was the intention to have the three rooms open on each floor. But the crowd is to be so great that the four will be open. Accordingly Madame moved to the room above hers, and the pantry was taken down. It was the regular evening for the party1 but as we expected nobody we did not dress, the house was full however, and John went down at about nine o’clock. Johnson and myself staid upstairs, it being too much trouble for the pleasure which I was to derive from it. After a comfortable cup of tea and glass of punch in John’s room now turned into Monsieur’s study, we went to rest, and I was lulled to sleep by the soporiferous sounds of the piano downstairs.


LCA’s fortnightly tea party, not the coming ball for Jackson.