Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 1

Tuesday 6th.

Thursday. 8th.

7th. CFA


7th. CFA

Employed to day, much in the same way with the whole of the last week. The wreaths were hung round the large room to day and the glasses prepared, the other rooms were also brought in a state of forwardness, but not completed because the wreaths expected from the Navy Yard did not arrive. Aunt Frye spent the afternoon and evening here, who was also enlisted in the service and we all worked very vehemently. There is one thing which I am very sorry for, that is that upon such occasions, Madame gets so excited by her plans, that it makes her most exceedingly susceptible. Consequently it is hardly possible to avoid offence. This evening I was very much grieved by the effect of a few words from Johnson which were soon remedied however as she knows well, he could have no other feelings to her than affectionate ones. Separated at about eleven.