Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Monday June 18th.

Wednesday June 20th.

Tuesday June 19th. CFA


Tuesday June 19th. CFA
Tuesday June 19th.

Morning exercises as usual, and in the day I returned very considerably to my old avocations. I went to day according to invitation to Genl. Mason’s, to dine, at the Island, he calls it Analostan Island, although at the present time it is only a peninsula.1 After waiting at the ferry which is somewhat inconvenient when the guests come together too rapidly, we at last arrived and found the spot much more beautiful than I had imagined. It is a fine place for sentiment and romance. The party at dinner consisted of Captain Bainbridge, Warrington and ladies,2 Mr. Vaughan and his attachées, Gov. Barbour, Col. Mercer, Mr. Montoya, and a Mr. Smith of Georgetown whom I never saw before. I sat between Bainbridge and Montoya, and the dinner was as pleasant as usual. After waiting again sometime, we returned calling for the ladies at Uncle Johnson’s. I forgot to enumerate Genl. Macomb.


John Mason, the son of George Mason, the author of the Virginia Bill of Rights, and the father of John Mason Jr., whose marriage CFA had recently noted (see entry for 3 May, above), made his summer home on Analostan Island, in the Potomac River opposite Washington (Mason, Life and Correspondence , p. 7–9).


William Bainbridge (1774–1833), a naval officer who had served with distinction in the quasi-war with France in 1798, in the conflict with the Barbary pirates, and in the War of 1812, and his wife, the former Susan Hyleger; Lewis Warrington (1782–1851), who was one of the three commissioners of the navy board, charged with the administration of the navy materiel, and his wife, the former Margaret Cary King ( DAB ).