Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Tuesday June 19th.

Thursday June 21st.

Wednesday June 20th. CFA


Wednesday June 20th. CFA
Wednesday June 20th.

Morning as usual at home. I am now gradually attempting to return to my old habits. But indulgence has weakened them. The accounts from England relating the state of political parties in consequence of Mr. Canning’s promotion1 are very amusing. I am struck particularly with the similarity to our State of things here. Two gentlemen, Col. Crowell2 and Col. Trumbull, dined with us today. The former, the famous actor in the Georgia affair. After dinner I went out to take a ride as usual and spent the evening with the ladies.


On 10 April 1827 George IV directed George Canning (1770–1827) to form a new administration, with himself as Prime Minister ( DNB ).


John Crowell, the conscientious United States Indian agent, who was attempting to protect the Creek nation against an unfair treaty which Georgia authorities had tricked the Indian leaders into signing (JQA, Diary, 20 June 1827; Bemis, JQA , 2:80).