Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Monday. October 1st.

Wednesday 3d.

Tuesday. 2d. CFA


Tuesday. 2d. CFA
Tuesday. 2d.

Went to Boston in the Stage, and passed the Morning at the Office. After dinner or rather after the time usually allowed to dining I prepared to go to dine with Mr. Mason.1 The weather was abominably rainy. My father called for me. Company were Messrs. Webster, Everett, Quincy, I. P. Davis,2 F. Gray, Guild,3 Gardner of Maine,167Dr. Warren, and some few others whom I did not know. Dinner so-so. I hope this is the last. Returned to my room, my father went to Quincy.


Jonathan Mason Jr. (1756–1831), a former law clerk of JA’s who had made a fortune in Boston real estate and had served in the United States Senate from 1800 to 1803, lived at 9 Summer Street ( Adams Family Correspondence , 1:280; Boston Directory, 1829–1830).


Isaac P. Davis, who lived at 8 Winthrop Place, owned large amounts of Boston and Cambridge real estate ( Boston Directory, 1829–1830; Boston Freeholders, 1822, p. 59).


Benjamin Guild, Harvard 1804, had his law office at 5 Court Street ( Boston Directory, 1829–1830).