Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Tuesday. 2d.

Thursday. 4th.

Wednesday 3d. CFA


Wednesday 3d. CFA
Wednesday 3d.

Morning at the Office. Call at Dr. Gorham’s according to request to see Abby. She had just gone. Miss Julia Gorham is an intimate friend of her’s.1 Went to her brother Chardon’s in the afternoon. Met Mr. John Heard there, the father of Chardon’s wife.2 Abby came in soon after as did Miss Charlotte Gray. In the evening I returned in a Carriage and took them both to Mr. Richard D. Tucker’s to pay the Wedding visit to Miss Tucker, married this evening to Mr. Parker.3 These young ladies having been school Companions. Not many persons there, and but few of my acquaintance. On my return, I stopped and took Supper pleasantly at Mrs. C. Brooks’s.


John Gorham (1783–1829), Harvard 1801, was Erving professor of chemistry at Harvard from 1816 to 1827. His “pretty, amiable and interesting” daughter, Julia Gorham, later married Richard Robins. ( Harvard Quinquennial Cat. ; GWA to LCA, 3 Jan. 1828, Adams Papers; Columbian Centinel, 10 Oct. 1835.)


See Adams Genealogy.


Anna Tucker, daughter of Richard D. Tucker, a Boston merchant, had just married James Parker (Boston Daily Advertiser, 6 Oct. 1827).