Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Friday 16th.

Sunday. 18th.

Saturday. 17th. CFA


Saturday. 17th. CFA
Saturday. 17th.

Received a letter from my Father in reply to mine of the 6th as satisfactory as possible upon the subject of expenses.1 Morning passed without much utility. I went to Medford to dine, in company with Mr. Brooks. We found Edward and P. Chardon with their wives and had on the whole a very pleasant dinner. The afternoon and evening were passed in conversation with Abby.


Replying to CFA’s complaint that his allowance was inadequate (see entry for 6 Nov., and note, above), JQA wrote:

“The extraordinary charges to which you are liable, from the peculiarity of your situation, are of a nature to which I cannot object and for which I am willing according to my ability to provide. The allowance which I had proposed to make you was the same I had made to your brother George, when at the same State of his education. You find it insufficient to meet your necessary expenses. Let me know what addition you wish to have made to it—Remembering that ... in the allowances of a Parent 184to his children, a relative proportion of equal regard is to be observed between them as well as between the liberality and the circumstances of the Parent.”

(JQA to CFA, 11 Nov. 1827, Adams Papers) See also entry for 20 Nov., and note, below.