Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Saturday. 17th.

Monday. 19th.

Sunday. 18th. CFA


Sunday. 18th. CFA
Sunday. 18th.

Attended Meeting in the morning. Heard Mr. Stetson who was much as usual. The remainder of the day was passed very quietly at the house. Mrs. Brooks with ten children grown up and thriving as much as possible, has been inconsolable for the loss of one, three or four years since, and on this day seemed disposed to revert to it constantly.1 Such is the nature of human character, never satisfied with the blessings already existing, either mourning for those which are gone or grasping after some which are to come. Abby had some serious conversation with me relating to ourselves and I am still doubtful whether our characters will perfectly unite. So far however we have done very well.


The child for whom Mrs. Brooks still grieved was Octavius (1813–1822). See Adams Genealogy.