Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Monday. 14th.

Wednesday. 16th.

Tuesday. 15th. CFA


Tuesday. 15th. CFA
Tuesday. 15th.

Morning cloudy but the weather gradually improved to a bright beautiful day. I read a part of Buffon’s Natural History before going 10out. At the Office as usual. Called to obtain the Report of the Commissioners upon R. New’s Estate, and found to my surprise that the larger claims against the Estate had not been brought in. Occupied in looking into a Law question upon that matter. Mr. Peabody called and sat an hour or two. Conversation upon various subjects, quite agreeably. I had not much spare time but as much as there was, I devoted to a review of the Abstract of Aristotle, which contains many good thoughts. Took a walk and returned home.

After dinner, I finished the Oration for Cluentius and made a deliberate and thorough Review of the Oration for the Manilian Law. It is certainly a beautiful Specimen in its way. A brilliant Panegyric, and it may have been deserved, though that is doubtful. The tone adopted by the Orator is that of independence and the concluding declaration is a noble one. If he was wrong, it was a defect of Judgment, not of principle.

Evening reading Captn. Parry’s Journal which continued to be very interesting. It is described with great simplicity and apparent truth. Read a little of Buffon and the Spectator, retired early.