Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Tuesday. 15th.

Thursday. 17th.

Wednesday. 16th. CFA


Wednesday. 16th. CFA
Wednesday. 16th.

Morning cloudy, with a mild south Wind so as not to be unpleasant. I went to the Office as usual and after the regular duties, finished the reading of Aristotles Politics analyzed. A work which contains many good single ideas but which shows no practical system, nor any clear notions of the end of human existence, at least as we understand it now. The tendency to theory is also strongly visible. I began the Republic of Jean Bodin abridged.1 I know little at present either of the name or the Author, and did not make any very great progress today. Deacon Spear called about the Houses at Quincy, with a request that I would write to Washington for instructions for him, which I accordingly did.2

Took my usual walk which was pleasant enough today, and after dinner continued the Oration for Cluentius, half of which I accomplished in review. It appears more striking on this perusal. And from the Author’s account of himself in one of his rhetorical Works, it seems pretty clear, that he thought it one of his best. Evening a Letter from my Mother.3 Captain Parry and his excursion over Melville Island. Still very interesting. After this I read Buffon and the Spectator. Two good Numbers.


In Bibliothèque de l’homme public, vol. 1, with comments in CFA’s hand.


CFA to JQA (LbC, Adams Papers).


Letter missing.