Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Wednesday. 16th.

Friday. 18th.

11 Thursday. 17th. CFA


Thursday. 17th. CFA
Thursday. 17th.

The day cloudy with a cold Easterly Wind and a flurry of Snow, occasionally. After reading Buffon after breakfast, I went to the Office, and continued my reading of Mons. J. Bodin. No interruptions of any consequence. These two Tenements still bring two persons on an average daily but with no serious views. My progress was tolerable. Took a walk in company with Edward Brooks, and as my Wife had gone out of town to see Mrs. Gorham Brooks, I dined with Mr. Frothingham, and had a pleasant time.

Returned to my Study and sat down to the Oration for Cluentius, which I completed. On reconsideration, I must modify my Opinion in this instance. If Cicero’s opinion of some points in the case were really as strong as he asserts them to be, then the Rest was superfluous and Oration making. If as is more probable the Defendant was not so clearly innocent, he was authorized in his elaborate and long argument. At any rate, this is a great model of an Advocate’s effort. He says every thing that can be said. The Opinions expressed in regard to the future state, are remarkable, and conflict with the known opinions of the Author as elsewhere expressed.

My Wife returned in time for me to read some of Parry. After which I continued Buffon and the Spectator.