Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Thursday. 26th.

Saturday. 28th.

Friday. 27th. CFA


Friday. 27th. CFA
Friday. 27th.

Morning for the first time for a considerable period clear. I started to go to town, as usual excepting that I got away unusually early. Arrived, I was busy for an hour or two in obtaining wood for my house, and also two or three articles wanted. This cramps my time at the Office considerably. Executed some business there also. Mr. Jackson the Painter called to see me, he has been quite sick. I asked him to come to a settlement, and present his bill, not having as I hope any further occasion for his services for a considerable time. My fathers Property is now in pretty good order, and I hope to keep it so. It has cost a large sum of money to put in repair but this has been owing to the inattention of a preceding period. The whole is now let, as I hope profitably.

Returned to Quincy and passed the Afternoon in reading Cicero against Piso, and in assorting Papers. I have nearly completed two cases. The evening was quite cold. We were quietly at home as usual. I read the Baron de Grimm and began the third volume of the Spectator.