Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Friday. 27th.

Sunday. 29th.

57 Saturday. 28th. CFA


Saturday. 28th. CFA
Saturday. 28th.

The day was fine, but I concluded that I would not go to Boston today as I have this Job before me. I sat down accordingly and worked from eight o’clock until two very steadily at the Papers, though I did not appear to make any progress. The Papers are very much mixed, and as I am occasionally very much inclined to read over several interesting ones my course is stopped. An acquaintance with the incidents of his life embraces a knowledge of the history of the whole period. And I feel as if I ought to seize every opportunity of knowing facts relating to the times. The hours flew rapidly.

After dinner, I accompanied my father to Mt. Wollaston to look at the Orchard, and at his Plantations of Trees. He is making experiments upon the cultivation of Forest and Fruit Trees from the Seed. I have little faith in the possibility of his doing it, as his absence and other occupations prevent the necessary continuity of care. But it is with caution that I express such a sentiment. Found things looking pretty well in general. Returned home quite fatigued. Found there T. B. Adams Jr. who passed part of the evening. Little or nothing of interest. I read a portion of Grimm and my usual Numbers of the Spectator.