Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Sunday. 29th.

Tuesday. 31st.

Monday. 30th. CFA


Monday. 30th. CFA
Monday. 30th.

Morning in continuation of the preceding day. The weather somewhat warmer. I felt however obliged to go to Boston. Perhaps the heat is least perceptible in riding. For a Gig is sure to create a draught. Arrived uncommonly early and went to the House to perform some Commissions for my Wife and myself. Thence returned to my Office, and passed a large portion of time in writing my Journal which these absences make somewhat laborious. Little or nothing else was done except one or two extravagances such as buying a Cask of Claret Wine, a temptation the weather made it impossible to resist. Returned to dinner. The afternoon was so warm and my father’s room so heated by his neglecting every precaution, that I did nothing in assorting, and only read very superficially some sections of the Oration against Milo.

This was early interrupted by preparation necessary to attend the Wedding of Miss A. S. Adams to Mr. Angier, which took place this evening. She has been quite sick for some time and it has been doubtful whether she would be able to be married at all at present. But the matter was now set at rest. I think this will be better for the whole family. The number present at the ceremony was large, being nearly all the Quincy acquaintance, the Boston relations, and Mr. Angier’s family. Mr. Whitney and Mr. Stetson both officiated. We remained until nine o’clock, when having wished the Bride all happiness in her new State we returned home, for myself I can say pretty tired.1 Read two Spectators.


The wedding is described in greater detail by LCA in a letter to Mrs. JA 2, 2 June (Adams Papers); also in JQA, Diary, 30 May.