Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Monday. 30th.

Wednesday. June 1st.

Tuesday. 31st. CFA


Tuesday. 31st. CFA
Tuesday. 31st.

Another extremely warm morning. The Summer commences with some fury. I felt myself obliged however to go to town, and accordingly started at my usual hour. Went to the Office and was busy there for some time, after which I did some Commissions. I sold a part of my Cask of Claret, as I found myself unable to persuade my father to 59take it, and I bought bottles as well as some strawberry Plants for my Father. The Sun was so scorching as to make moving about very disagreeable.

Returned to Quincy to dine, and as it was scorching in my fathers room, I read Cicero downstairs. My progress was not remarkable. I accomplished one half of the Oration for Milo, the whole being carefully reviewed. I have never experienced so much inconvenience from heat as now. Probably, my system has got braced to the prevailing cold which makes me feel this so much more. Nothing of any consequence took place.

In the evening there was a fine breeze which cooled us very much. I conversed with my father, principally upon the subject of the present excited state of things, as they regard Masonry. He has partaken of late, rather largely of this heated feeling, and I tried as mildly as possible to put a rein over indiscretions, which it must be confessed he will commit at times. I found it dangerous to press the subject, and as I was not disposed to fret myself any more than I could help, I broke off and read two Spectators.