Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Tuesday. 31st.

Thursday 2d.

Wednesday. June 1st. CFA


Wednesday. June 1st. CFA
Wednesday. June 1st.

A very considerable breeze from the North West produced very little effect in diminishing the heat of the Sun. As I had accomplished all that I had to do in town, the weather deterred me from going to town.1 But my father keeps his room so hot, that I cannot sit in it to work. I also found a large Chest of new Papers which satisfied me of the impossibility of my accomplishing them during my stay here. I worked therefore very languidly and in a discouraged manner. My father shows so little interest in it, and affords me neither assistance nor advice. I think it highly likely that I shall be obliged to look them over hereafter, for the sake of doing what my father ought to do inasmuch as he alone has the ability, and knowledge, adequate to the task. But that is future. And I see no reason for wasting my time now in delving for nothing.

Afternoon, Took a bath in the Creek at Mr. Greenleaf’s Wharf. The water was warm, but I felt nearly as much exhausted upon my return as I did when I went. Read a considerable portion of the Oration for Milo. But the study compared to what I do at home is nothing. I begin to feel a little restless again. There is to a man like me, “no place like home.” Went to ride with my Mother and Wife. This weather affects the latter.


Evening, Mr. T. and Mr. D. Greenleaf to see my Father, and Mr. Gourgas and Miss Adams to see my Mother. It was much more still, and therefore warm. I read two Numbers of the Spectator.


Sentence thus in MS.