Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Friday. 17th.

Sunday. 19th.

Saturday. 18th. CFA


Saturday. 18th. CFA
Saturday. 18th.

The weather was again quite warm and the air though abundant was sultry. I went to town and was busy much of my time in making up the deficiency in my Journal, occasioned by my absence. Then arranging all my Accounts. I called at Meriam and Brigham’s for the purpose of paying for my Wine bought lately,1 and attended a Sale of Stocks without succeeding in a purchase. It went however pretty low. Several at my Office. Mr. Jackson the Painter for his Money which I paid him, and hope this is the last heavy amount for which I shall be called upon, in his line. Mr. J. E. Smith came as representative of a Creditor of New’s Estate,2 and I paid out that portion leaving in my hands a mere trifle. I was delayed in this way for some time, and reached Quincy a little late.

Afternoon, occupied reading Cicero’s fifth Philippic which dissuades the sending a mission to Anthony and recommends the course he thinks suitable. He was right. The Counsels of the Conspirators were feeble, they had imagined nothing beyond the mere death of the Tyrant, expecting that when he was once out of the way, the Republic would come back of itself. But Cicero acted by raising opposing forces, not calculating upon a Union of these against himself. Took a bath with my father and I. Hull. Evening quietly at home. Read more of Emile and the Spectator.


Meriam & Brigham, wine merchants, were at 20 Congress Street ( Boston Directory, 1831–1832).


Perhaps Joseph E. Smith, attorney, whose office was in Barristers’ Hall (same).