Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Saturday. 18th.

Monday. 20th.

Sunday. 19th. CFA


Sunday. 19th. CFA
Sunday. 19th.

Morning cloudy, but the day extremely sultry, clearing away in the evening with a thunder shower. I attended Meeting all day, and heard Mr. Alger of Chelsea. He was my Classmate and for four years sat next to me. The idea of his character created at College would not leave, and I lost a moment in musing upon the changes of a few years. His Sermons were well enough though I was surprised to find how little his style had formed.1 The weather was so hot that I felt very uncomfortable in Church.

Filed a few Papers and read Emile, which I finished. Perhaps I may enlarge upon it tomorrow. Took a bath with my Father, and on our return found J. Quincy Jr. who spent half an hour, but was frightened away by the Shower. Read the Spectator.


Horatio Alger, Harvard 1825, delivered his well-written sermons, according to JQA, “with propriety; but in the cold or at least temperate manner of the Cambridge School” (Diary, 19 June).