Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Monday 4th.

Wednesday. 6th.

Tuesday 5th. CFA


Tuesday 5th. CFA
Tuesday 5th.

Morning bright with the Sun in great force relieved however in the Country by a free circulation of Air. I went to town and to the Office. Thence to the House and afterwards performing Commissions, for my Wife and others of the family. I was also occupied in my Accounts which at this period always take up some of my time. Mr. Clough called and settled with me for an execution in favour of I. Farrar,1 and I drew afterwards my Atlas Ins. Dividend together with that belonging to the Adamses. In these various ways my time was taken up until the moment for my return.

Found my Wife not very well today, owing to the fatigue and over-excitement of yesterday and I experienced myself a languid feeling not altogether agreeable. Afternoon passed in carelessly arranging Papers. This work has been so little seconded by my Father that it is likely to turn out a grand failure. I shall leave most of the Papers in greater confusion than when I began.


Took a Bath at the Wharf with my Father and I. Hull, and from thence went to the Judge’s to pay Miss Eliz. her Quarter’s Interest. I was not however lucky enough to find her at home. Returned finding my Walk almost fruitless. The rest of the evening was passed quietly at home. Finished the Cunningham Correspondence and the Biography of my father2 together with two numbers of the Spectator.


See above, entry for 11 April.


Despite the ambiguity of its wording, this is probably a reference to the fragmentary life of JA which JQA had begun in 1829 (see vol. 3:257) and to which he returned on 26 May with the hope that he would “no more neglect it,” only to record on 7 June, “I make no progress in my father’s biography” (JQA, Diary).