Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Tuesday 5th.

Thursday. 7th.

Wednesday. 6th. CFA


Wednesday. 6th. CFA
Wednesday. 6th.

The morning was cloudy with a warm wind from the South west which terminated in a steady rain for the day. I went to town and was occupied in making up my deficient Diary and in visiting my House for the purpose of seeing the state of my Fire place. Found it bad enough—The House being hardly a fair risk for Insurance. It seems that they cut the Fire place for my Study after building the Chimney and to give it breadth, took off a portion of the Kitchen flue without filling in with Mortar. The consequence was great danger of fire in case the Kitchen Chimney had caught. I am glad I have remedied this. Made a visit to Mrs. Sidney Brooks at her Mother’s. Found her well and quite lively. Mr. R. D. Shepherd was there. Returned only in time to start as usual.

Afternoon passed in my usual way, of filing old Letters. We had expected Mr. and Mrs. Frothingham today, but the weather prevented. Evening, the Spectator.