Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Friday. 8th.

Sunday. 10th.

Saturday. 9th. CFA


Saturday. 9th. CFA
Saturday. 9th.

Morning cloudy, I went to town as usual, and was engaged in performing Commissions a considerable part of the day. Also in conversation with Mr. Peabody upon matters and things in general. I went to see the exhibition of the Horticultural Society with him. Found some fine specimens of Flowers, and some very large gooseberries which are a great rarity here.1 I then drew some Dividends and attended a Stock sale without being able to purchase any thing.

Returned to Quincy with the wind blowing a gale to the imminent danger of my hat and as I sometimes thought of my Gig. Miss E. C. Adams and Miss Harrod2 dined with us. The afternoon passed in my regular occupations. But from some reason or other my health cannot be so good as it was, for I cannot bear for any length of time, arranging Papers. Continued Mr. Hurd’s Commentary, the North American Review, and read two or three remarkable trials in the Newgate Calendar.3 Evening, Grimm and made up my deficiency in the Spectator.


In the absence of any notice of the exhibition in the newspapers, the probability is that it was a show for members. The Society’s rooms were in Joy’s Building, Cornhill (formerly Market Street). Boston Patriot, 13 May, p. 2, col. 4.


Susan D. Harrod, ECA’s cousin; see vol. 1:162, 2:166.


Andrew Knapp and William Baldwin, The Newgate Calendar. ... In the edition (4 vols., London, 1825–1826) at MQA with JQA’s bookplate, vol. 1 is lacking.