Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Saturday. 9th.

Monday. 11th.

Sunday. 10th. CFA


Sunday. 10th. CFA
Sunday. 10th.

It rained very heavily during the Night, clearing off this morning with a North West Wind and absolutely cool. I attended divine Service all day and heard Mr. Whitney preach. His morning Sermon upon the necessity of redeeming time. A valuable text, and full of moral to all.1 I feel the weight of it every day I live. The afternoon I do not particularly recollect. Feeling myself in many respects deficient in a due knowledge of the Scriptures and in attention at Church I propose to set upon a course after my return to town which shall fix me in a useful habit on Sunday. At present my Church going is rather useless. I read in the afternoon a good deal of Grimm and see more and more of his infamous infidelity. This was the cry of Reform in those days. Seeing so much of Diderot in these Memoirs I felt 87curious to know something of him and accordingly read the Article with that Title in the Dictionnaire Historique. I do not consider him entitled to one half the merits he seems to have thought his. Yet he did much in building up the useful heads of the Encyclopedie, though he is also responsible for it’s great crimes. Evening, continued Grimm and the Spectator.


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