Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Sunday. 10th.

Tuesday. 12th.

Monday. 11th. CFA


Monday. 11th. CFA
Monday. 11th.

The Wind was in the North and East all day, and made it so cold, I was absolutely shivering all the time my ride into town lasted. Arrived unusually early and went to the Office. Occupied by Commissions. Mr. Ayer called by appointment and I went with him to my House for the purpose of directing him about some draws, my Wife wants put in. Returned and engaged in Accounts. Time slips away without my knowing how to account for it. I made up some Arrears in my Diary which takes up a great deal of space now. It is a great question with me whether my time is suitably paid.

Went out of town, and found at dinner Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Adams, Miss E. C. Adams, Miss Harrod and Miss Smith—It being the anniversary of my fathers birth. He is now Sixty four and enjoying his powers with as much vigour as ever. Nothing material took place. He went in the afternoon to town to hear Mr. Fuller’s Antimasonic Oration.1 Mr. James H. Foster and his family came out and passed part of the Afternoon after whom came several other visitors. I did little or nothing. Read an article or two in the North American Review, and in the evening, read Grimm and the Spectator.


JQA took yet another step towards public identification with Antimasonry in allowing himself to be seated on the dais in Faneuil Hall at the right hand of the orator, Timothy Fuller (JQA, Diary, 11 July).