Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Thursday. 8th.

Saturday. 10th.

Friday. 9th. CFA


Friday. 9th. CFA
Friday. 9th.

Morning clear and pleasant instead of having the Storm we anticipated. After reading Demosthenes as usual in the hour before going to the Office, and not riding with my Wife, as Mrs. Frothingham took my place, I passed much time in drawing up the Mortgage corresponding with the Deed made yesterday—The whole much more tedious than profitable. I did little else; Judge Hall called to ask about my Uncle and I had some conversation with Mr. Peabody; then returned home.

Afternoon passed in reading more of the Letters to Atticus, which display in pretty strong colours the condition of Rome and the motives of the principal Actors. I do not find any person exempt from reproach excepting Cato, and he is much the least popular of all. Cicero plainly considers him foolish. Read Bacon’s Essay on delay which is excellent. Tried my hand over again at Cicero in translating. Read a Lecture of Blair for the purpose of encouragement and finished with the Spectator. Wife and Child well.