Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Friday. 9th.

Sunday. 11th.

Saturday. 10th. CFA


Saturday. 10th. CFA
Saturday. 10th.

Morning pleasant. I read my usual time in the Oration of Demosthenes upon the false Embassy. Then to the Office where two hours were taken up in talking with Mr. Curtis, Mrs. Boylston and Mr. J. Brooks who called as parties to a Deed but as I had not received it from my Father at that time, it could not be executed. I then went down and drew the several Dividends in the Massachusetts Fire and Marine Insurance Company, and examined all my Accounts for the purpose of making them correct previous to leaving town which I talk of doing.

As Mr. Brooks wished to rectify the Deed in case of any mistake, he appointed the afternoon at my Office for the purpose so that I went down and lost my labour.

The time being too much split up for regular study, I read my father’s Eulogy of Mr. Monroe which is just out. It is a brilliant piece of writing, and displays his usual extent of mental capacity, but I think it written with less care and more strain than the generality of 133his compositions. Read an Essay of Blair. Translated more of Cicero, and the Spectator as usual.