Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Monday. 26th.

Wednesday. 28th.

Tuesday. 27th. CFA


Tuesday. 27th. CFA
Tuesday. 27th.

The morning was dark and we had rain at intervals throughout the day. So that I could not execute my intention of going to Boston. Instead of it, I occupied myself in reviewing a large part of the first Philippic of Demosthenes. I find it quite easy, though as usual I perceive more beauty and more connexion, in this perusal. I then read several numbers of the Federalist upon the powers of the President which contain much strong reasoning that I never noticed before, upon the feature of the system restraining the election to four years of Office and admitting a continuance. I have been very much inclined to the other side, but these arguments are certainly worth considering.

Continued the Debates in the Massachusetts Convention, and was struck with the Speech of Mr. T. Dawes of Boston who was decidedly in the opinion that Manufactures were to be protected.1 I think I can make use of this, some time or other.

Afternoon, the twelfth book of the Letters to Atticus in which I made considerable progress. Also Bacon’s Essay upon Men’s Nature. Thus passed a day as quiet as they generally go here.

Evening with the Ladies, after which Gillies and two of Addison’s Papers.


The speech of Thomas Dawes Jr., of Boston, was in support of the adoption of Article I, sect. 8, giving Congress the power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts, and excises. On Dawes, see further, Commonwealth Hist. of Mass. , 4:36, 41.