Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Tuesday. 27th.

Thursday. 29th.

Wednesday. 28th. CFA


Wednesday. 28th. CFA
Wednesday. 28th.

The day was clear with occasional gusts of wind very high. I went to town at last. My time was taken up in a great variety of ways. My course was first to the House, then to the Office where I was occupied first in my Accounts, then in receiving Calls. Mr. A. H. Everett came with a letter from himself to my father.1 He discussed political matters for a little while, and was interrupted by a Mr. Allen who came about an application of his to my father for money which I passed off as soon as I could. This man I recollected once before as coming about that business of Farmer’s. He apologized for it today. Mr. Brooks came in to get Copies of my Father’s addresses sent to Mr. Davis of New York.2 I went over to see Sidney Brooks about it.

Mr. Josiah Bradlee had invited me to dine, but I was informed that he was sick and could not receive us. So I called at Mrs. Frothingham’s and was asked to go there. The remainder of my morning was spent in other Commissions for the family. Met at Mr. Frothingham’s Sidney and his Wife, Mr. Brooks and two Miss Phillips’es. Dinner pleasant enough, but somehow or other I do not fancy that set. The older I grow, the greater is my repugnance without knowing indeed the true and real cause of it. The true reason probably is that I feel as if I was always under criticism and observation. This stiffens me and makes me appear to disadvantage.

After one or two more Commissions I returned home to Quincy. My Mother had invited the Quincy people to spend the Evening.3 And it was got through tolerably well. I read the Spectator afterwards.


Everett’s letter is missing; doubtless it was a reply to JQA’s letter of 18 Sept., on which see above, entry for 23 Sept., note.


Charles A. Davis, partner in the firm of Davis & Brooks, 28 South Street, New York City, with whom Sidney Brooks was associated (above, vol. 3:4; American Almanac, N.Y. Register and City Directory, 1827–1828).


The guests, in addition to the TBA family, were “the Baxter’s, Beale’s, Greenleaf’s (Thomas and Daniel), Marston, Miller’s, Quincy’s, and Whitney’s, Mr. Gourgas and Mr. Hallett” (JQA, Diary, 28 Sept.).