Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Tuesday. 11th.

Thursday. 13th.

Wednesday. 12th. CFA


Wednesday. 12th. CFA
Wednesday. 12th.

Morning cloudy with high wind from the Westward throughout the day. I was occupied the larger part of the morning in reading parts of one of Almon’s Volumes of Prior Documents. They contain Papers relating to the early period of our commotions in this Country before the Revolution, which are highly valuable as historical memorials.1 Indeed it is not easy to see the truth without their assistance. I had my mind very much enlightened in the course of the very short time which I could devote to them. Strange as it may be, I had at best but a very undefined idea of the Congress of 1765 which was the first Assemblage of Representatives from the different States.

Occupied myself an hour afterwards in pruning and arranging the Trees which I have been rearing for some years. Afternoon, reading Cicero’s letters to Atticus and finished the fourteenth book. Evening, Miss Roberdeau, Abby and I went to my Uncle the Judge’s. Found there the usual family. But I take very little pleasure in visiting now at that house, as the tone at present prevailing there, is not to my taste at all. Returned early. Read an Essay of Bacon’s on Followers and Friends and two numbers of the Spectator.


John Almon, a London bookseller and editor, published in 1777 A Collection of Interesting, Authentic Papers, ... 1764 to 1775, often referred to as “Prior Documents”; see JA, Diary and Autobiography , 3:313.