Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Wednesday. 12th.

Friday. 14th.

Thursday. 13th. CFA


Thursday. 13th. CFA
Thursday. 13th.

Morning very bright though cool. I went to town. My time was very much taken up first in paying a visit to Mrs. Frothingham’s, then to my house, then to collect Dividends and afterwards at my Office making up and settling Accounts. Mr. Forbes called and settled his Account and I payed him an Amount pretty large for Six Months. The hours flew and I was barely in time to get home to dine. Mr. and Mrs. Frothingham were there as they had agreed to be and Mr. Alexr. Townsend was also there without any agreement. This was one of those cross accidents which will sometimes happen to mar intended sport. My father could not well avoid being civil to him much against 156his Will. We had plenty of music and some very good.1 They went early and left us again quite alone at home. But there soon came a supply of Company. For all the Quincy People seemed to come together as if by invitation.2 They spent the evening. I read Bacon’s Essay on Suitors, and the Spectators as usual.


“There was some music of the Piano, and singing by Mrs. Frothingham and Mary Roberdeau from which I had formed some expectations of amusement to myself which were disappointed. Mr. Alexander Townsend came out to visit me, and remained and dined with me. This gentleman is a lawyer in Boston of great eccentricity of character. I have a very slight acquaintance with him, but on two or three different occasions he has manifested a regard and friendship for me which is entitled to my gratitude. He came now to visit me in consequence of my civil answer to his enthusiastic Letter upon my declining the Antimasonic nomination [for Governor]. He told me that he himself had informed Governor [Levi] Lincoln, who was his Classmate at Cambridge, of my having declined [to run against Lincoln].... Mr. Townsend’s visit would have been more agreeable had it not accidentally crossed that of Mr. and Mrs. Frothingham”

(JQA, Diary, 13 Oct.).

The Quincy visitors were Col. and Mrs. Josiah Quincy Jr.; Eliza and Mary Ann Greenleaf; George W. Beale and his daughter Ann; and from the TBA household, ECA, Thomas B. Adams Jr., and Mary Harrod (same).