Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Thursday. 13th.

Saturday. 15th.

Friday. 14th. CFA


Friday. 14th. CFA
Friday. 14th.

Morning fine and warm for the Season. I was engaged during the whole time previous to dinner in working in the garden. My father has not many persons who are willing to attend precisely under his superintendence and so when he wishes a thing done, it is my particular province to do it. I accordingly devoted this time to the formation and transplantation of a set of raspberry vines for a new bed now to be formed. This involved the pruning of the old set which I retained exclusively to myself and which I accomplished.

The afternoon was taken up in a fishing bout with my Mother and I. Hull; we had good sport which induced us to stay until after Sunset. And when we returned it was that I began to feel the fatigue of standing and work all day. This disabled me from doing any thing of importance. Even Lord Bacon’s Essay on Studies—One of the best in the whole collection, could hardly keep me awake and I got through with the Spectator.