Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Tuesday. 25th.

Thursday. 27th.

Wednesday. 26th. CFA


Wednesday. 26th. CFA
Wednesday. 26th.

Morning pleasant. I forgot to say that I was busy last Evening as well as this morning in correcting a proof Sheet of my father’s contribution to Blunt’s Register.1 It came so late that I could not send it yesterday so that I thought I would save the lost time by sending him the corrected proof instead of the first copy. It is something of a labour to correct these as I found, and it requires a much more practised eye than mine to see the mistakes in letters at a glance. I looked it over three times and found new ones each time.

Went to the Office where I passed my time as usual. Read a good deal of the Debates in the New York Convention and went about upon several Commissions. But At noon I felt so unwell that I thought I would go and walk. Before I had reached School Street I was taken quite sick at my Stomach, which continued with great violence for a Couple of hours. It seems impossible to say what the cause was, but so it was that I was incapacitated from doing any thing today. Last year I had very much such a turn, though it was then accompanied with head ache. Today it came without any notice. I laid down feeling chills, but as the Night came on grew better so that after Tea I sat down and continued Miss Edgeworth. Interrupted soon by Mrs. Frothingham, Miss Lydia Phillips and Edward Brooks who came in and were quite agreeable the rest of the evening. Mr. Frothingham came also afterwards. I read Miss Edgeworth and the Spectator.


A draft in JQA’s hand of the chapter on “England 1829–1830,” written for the American Annual Register for the Years 1829–1830, is in the Adams Papers, Microfilms, Reel No. 494. The proofs were received from the Boston printers Gray & Bowen (JQA, Diary, 27 Oct.).