Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Wednesday. 26th.

Friday. 28th.

Thursday. 27th. CFA


Thursday. 27th. CFA
Thursday. 27th.

Morning at the Office without being able to do much before going there. Our family is so much disorganized at present as to make it difficult to study at all. It began to rain soon, and continued doing so all day. I wrote a little and read a little but on the whole did not do much. My father came in to accomplish a little of his final business. Nothing particular was necessary to be done excepting to supply himself with Cash and to get his Chronometer which had been broken. 165He went about however and amused himself as usual until nearly two o’clock when he left town and I bid him Good bye. I could not help feeling dull at the departure, but went immediately to try and get over it at Mr. Frothingham’s where Abby and I dined.

After dinner I returned home and began Cicero’s letters to his brother Quintus, the first of which seems to me one of the most admirable of his works. Evening at home passed quietly. Read a Chapter or two of the History of George 4th. which was interesting, and some of Practical Education. After which began the seventh Volume of the Spectator.