Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Sunday. 6th.

Tuesday. 8th.

Monday. 7th. CFA


Monday. 7th. CFA
Monday. 7th.

The day was lovely. I did not read any of the Oration because I went out earlier than usual. The days have become short and my hour is therefore very much pressed upon. Indeed I am much inclined to think I must give up my Greek for the Winter. So it is. My energy is fast disappearing. The common current of life is too strong for my swimming against it. And I must soon be content to be swallowed up in its vortex. The last six months have produced a wonderful revolution in me. They have done more to extinguish the fire of my character than years. Perhaps the reflection that I have a child has been the secret of it,1 that I am not a close in the course of the family. Be this as it may, here am I with much less spirit and more indolence.

Read a good deal of the Debates in the Virginia Convention2 and 172wondered at the folly of Mr. Henry who seems to have worked himself into madness at the idea of the grand consolidated government.

Took a walk. Afternoon read part of Cicero’s Lucullus. It contains an argument against the Philosophy which doubted of matter, but it requires with me a second perusal.

Evening finished the 1st Volume of the Life of George 4th and went to Mrs. Pickman’s party to the Bride Mrs. Smith. All the fashion there. Returned early. Read the Spectator. The Woman still the same.


Having observed CFA with his daughter, LCA wrote that “Charles perfectly doats on her” (to Mrs. JA2, 26 Oct., Adams Papers).


In vol. 3 of Elliot, Debates, &c.