Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Monday. 7th.

Wednesday. 9th.

Tuesday. 8th. CFA


Tuesday. 8th. CFA
Tuesday. 8th.

Weather continues fine. I went to the Office a little earlier than usual. Engaged in a variety of occupations. Wrote to J. Brown about an application made for the printing of my father’s biography.1 Also to J. Minot and J. Y. Champney dunning letters.2 Then to the Athenaeum where I spent nearly two hours gleaning the Newspapers, and looking at new publications of which there is certainly an abundance. Then home.

In the Afternoon I continued the Lucullus of Cicero to which I give in the first place a very superficial reading. The argument is a singular one but the truth probably was not precisely on either side. As usual, it will be somewhere in the middle.

Evening, read to my Wife a little more of the Life of George 4th explaining a period of history of which I am shamefully ignorant. Particularly, the causes of the Addington Administration. Afterward as I could not get Mackintosh’s second Volume, I began Fuseli’s Lectures in order to gain some ideas of Painting,3 as on this subject my knowledge is very superficial. How many things there are of which we know absolutely nothing. We who claim the reputation of educated men. The Spectator as usual. The woman is slightly better. Her Mother in coming to her has met with an accident and dislocated her shoulder.


See above, entry for 4 November.


These letters are missing.


Henry Fuseli (1741–1825), Swissborn painter and member of the Royal Academy, London, was a professor of painting there ( DNB ). His Lectures on Painting were published separately at London in 1801. However, they were included in John Knowles, Life and Writings of H. Fuseli, 3 vols., London, 1831; and it was in that work that CFA seems to have been reading some weeks after the present entry; see below, entries for 17–22 Jan. 1832.