Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Tuesday. 8th.

Thursday. 10th.

Wednesday. 9th. CFA


Wednesday. 9th. CFA
Wednesday. 9th.

Morning pleasant, but the wind changed soon and it grew hazy 173with all the appearance of bad weather. After attending to the expediting of the Flower Roots for my Mother, I went to the Office and was occupied there as usual. Received a short letter from my Father at New York which I propose to answer as soon as I think he will get to Washington. He seems to me not to be taking judicious measures.1 Read some of the Virginia Debates in which I was struck with the views of Mr. Madison. They seem to me to reach the truth. Took a walk.

Afternoon finished Lucullus. But I must read it well over again. The doctrine is necessarily obscure. It takes me a great while longer than it ought to attend to my fire. This must be mended.

I spent the evening reading Fuseli excepting a couple of hours at Mr. F. Parkman’s where my Wife took Tea. There was a party of that family which is extensive and clans together very much. We returned at ten. I read a little of Condillac and the Spectator. I find a peculiarity in most of Steele’s papers which betrays very much the character of his mind. The constant introduction of some allusion to sex, showing that he was one of a numerous class who indulge their imaginations until it becomes a habit.


JQA to CFA, 6 Nov. (Adams Papers). JQA wrote that he had agreed to pay for the board of Isaac Hull Adams at TBA’s, three dollars a week through the winter, in return for which Hull was to continue copying JA’s journals under CFA’s supervision.